25 Random things about me..

1. If I had an unlimited amount of money, I would travel around the world experiencing new things, places, people, culture and food.

2. No matter how many times I try, I can’t parallel park. It looks so easy when others do it. I can’t seem to get my car close enough to the curb.

3. After I was done with aggressive chemotherapy, I underwent a radical cystectomy. My bladder, cervix, uterus, and part of the inside of my vagina was removed. It might be considered too much information, but I believe it is necessary to say so you are informed more about bladder cancer and what may follow. I was so incredibly anxious about it the nurses put me in la-la land before I was wheeled into the operating room.

4. I’m super weird and strange when you first meet me then I become cool. Everyone is not everyone’s cup of tea, and that is okay.

5. I work in the social services field. I despise the question “what is the worse you have ever seen?”. It’s not a contest.

6. I go to carnivals, the beach, festivals, and other places just for the food. I like trying all kinds of foods. Fish tacos, fried coconut shrimp in Florida totally delish. I’ve thought about going to Florida just so I can eat fried coconut shrimp. Cambodian food, fried dough. Good stuff.

7. I’m super sarcastic and witty. For an example: If brains were gas you wouldn’t be able to get your scooter around a cheerio. Feel free to recycle that.

8. I believe animals can offer comfort, love, and companionship. My cat Mr. Boots (who is no longer here) was my buddy during chemotherapy and my recovery. Mr. Boots used to sit outside my bedroom and sometimes come in scratch then jump on my bed. If I were in the hospital, he would run up and down the hallway while checking my room to see if I came home yet. I used to lay there and talk to him, and yes, I think he understood everything I said.

9. In the summer growing up my best friend and I had a lemonade stand, and we would sit out there almost every day. We used a wheelbarrow to transport all our things along with a table, and something to sit on I can’t remember if we had chairs, but we had something to sit on. People did stop to buy lemonade. It was fun and something to do.

10. I have one son who is an adult now WOW!!! He is funny, friendly and kind and sometimes he’s not too sweet, and sometimes he annoys me.

11. I have been in therapy for two years now. It has helped wonders.

12. I feel pretty badass I went through aggressive chemotherapy and menopause at the same time. It was dreadful, but I got through it.

13. I am a single mom.

14. This past summer it was so hot and humid. I stripped down to my bra and underwear with people around and jumped in the river. No trying to hide or conceal my ostomy bag or the sagging skin from all my surgeries.

15. Loneliness is the worse feeling ever.

16. I have done stand up comedy in the past and plan on doing it again.

17. My favorite shows are reruns of SUV (special victims unit) Investigation discovery and anything to do with crime lock-up and documentaries. I also like the shows All in the family and the Golden girls.

18. I am an introvert and an extrovert. I enjoy being social and out doing things, and I also enjoy my down time I call it “recharging my batteries.”

19. I consider myself a loyal friend.

20. I like cooking; it feels good to produce a delicious meal. Pinterest is my friend.

21. My senior year in high school I skipped GYM/PE class, and I would go to the library. I hated that class. It went on for a while before they caught up to it and I was called to the principals’ office. I was told that I was failing GYM and I wouldn’t graduate unless I made up my classes. Needless to say, I spent about a week in GYM class. Yes, I almost didn’t graduate high school because of GYM class.

22. The best thing I ever did was move away from my hometown. I lived in Tennessee for almost 10 years. I learned so much about myself. No one knew me or of me, and I could be myself. No one knew of my past unless I told them, there was no oh yeah I know your sister or I remember when you were 5 years old. By all means it wasn’t all glitter and unicorns; however, it was all and all a great experience.

23. Military life taught me how to say goodbye to close friends; it is hard losing that connection and constant in your life with friends that were there for you and you for them; play dates, bible study, deployments, shopping, crying and laughing and hanging out and helping each other out or having our morning coffee together. When their spouse gets new orders to PCS (permanent change of station) the family packs up, and they move to another duty station in the United States or in another country. But it also taught me to make new friends and new connections by finding a common denominator. You just have to find it and take advantage of it. Strong relationships contribute to longer, healthier, even happier lives. And believe it or not…the old saying, money doesn’t buy happiness holds true. Building relationships makes you feel richer.

24. I sang karaoke once. A friend of mine asked me over and over trying to convince me to do it, and I did it, and it was terrible. I even downed a shot beforehand and no dice. I was so nervous and stood there stiff and sang. I have a terrible voice.

25. The two foods I won’t eat both starts with the letter L liver and lima beans.

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4 Things that bother me about having a urostomy bag..

While I am grateful for having a urostomy bag, there are still things that bother me and can be stressful to deal with. Here are 4 things that bother me and some solutions.

1. Leaks– I have experienced many leaks, and they are embarrassing, to say the least. During waking hours, I can feel the adhesive lifting from my skin or feel my clothes getting wet and jump into action before my ostomy bag comes entirely off and there is a bigger mess.

This leak happened because it was super humid and the moisture got under the adhesive. I ran into Walmart to get the tape and fix it before I got home and I could change out my ostomy pouch.

Not all the time but often enough to irritate me is my bag can and does fall off while I’m sleeping. It could be that I turned, or my bag filled up too quickly, or I fell asleep before emptying it or changing it. And I wake up to a wet bed bag off and a huge mess. It can add an extra hour or so to my regular routine. Showering, waiting for my skin to dry before putting on another ostomy pouch, dressing and changing and washing my sheets. As a result, I am super anxious about sleeping at someone’s home because of it.

When a leak happens I reward myself for getting over that hump and dealing with the situation.

Some solutions are to carry an extra bag change, and an additional top thankfully I always seem to have an extra shirt or hoodie in my car. Emptying or changing your bag before going to sleep. For nighttime, there is the night bag that I do not use just for personal preference, but it is an option.

I pre-cut my wafers and snap them on the ostomy pouch, so I don’t have to cut my wafer while trying to hold the existing pouch on. Everything I need or might need is in the bag powder, tape, wipes, and adhesive remover.

2. FASHION and Concealing– On the day to day socially and at work I want my bag to be concealed while still looking stylish. I like to wear tight form-fitting clothing. This is not something I am willing to give up – No baggy clothes for this ostomate. Ya hear?

It used to be while shopping and trying on jeans or pants. I would ask myself do these jeans or pants make my butt look good. C’mon I think many of us have asked that question before.

Now shopping and finding jeans and pants that comfortably hides my ostomy pouch can be stressful and discouraging. If the waistline is too tight, it pulls at my bag which loosens the seal and cuts off the bag midway and creates a noticeable bulge below my waistline.

Shirts, tanks sweaters tops, in general, are versatile.

My solution is to try on different brands and fits of jeans and pants to see what works for you and your body type.

Feeling great jeans that fit comfortably over my ostomy pouch no noticeable bulge life is excellent. And the drummer doesn’t look too bad either.

3. Swimsuit decision I don’t mind questions because that is how people learn what I don’t like is being told to wear a one-piece to hide it. I like a two-piece because I can easily access my ostomy pouch if need be a leak, needs to be emptied or changed.

Plus there are these cute covers you can put over your ostomy pouch.

First time going to the beach with an ostomy pouch.
I bought that particular cover from Etsy.

4. Running out of supplies I have to wear a bag at all times. I am in constant fear that I will not have the supplies needed be it a natural disaster, a problem with my medical supply company, an order being on back-order or running out before my next shipment arrives. The insurance company only pays for an allotted amount per month. I used to get my order every three months, and that allowed some wiggle room now it is per month. Sometimes I have to change my ostomy pouch more often using up supplies and worrying I won’t have enough to last before my next shipment arrives.

One month of supplies. I get 20 bags changes.

To buy these out of pocket would cost about $600.

My solution which by the way I haven’t done because they are quite expensive is having an extra month of supplies on hand.